Wind Mitigation Education

Everything about our inspection

When we come into your home to perform a Wind Mitigation Inspection we will start out by inspecting your home in seven different categories. This includes inspecting, taking pictures and documenting certain features of your home which will allow you to receive a discount from your insurance company. Each category of features has a button above which explains it in greater detail.

After this is done we will let you know which categories (if any) you may want to improve upon to increase your discount. We will then go back to our office to fill out Uniform Inspection Form OIR-B1-1802 with pictures in our customized report and sign off on it. Finally we send an electronic copy to your insurance company and one to you for your records.

In most cases you will receive an updated insurance policy in the mail within 30 days outlining your discount. Some homeowners may also receive a rebate check in the mail returning the money you have already paid towards your insurance policy.



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