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Additional Inspections Offered

Four Point Inspection

Price: $150

Typically performed at the request of the insurance company to determine the age and condition of the four major systems in the home. This includes the roof, heating & air conditioning, electrical and plumbing systems.

Citizens Roof Condition Certification

Price: $90

This is currently only being required by Citizens Insurance of Florida. They usually require this inspection to be done on homes older than 25 years when it is unknown when the last roof replacement was done.

We work with insurance agents and their clients every day. We help them to navigate through the process of insuring their home by providing them with much needed and often required inspections. There are two different inspections we currently perform: Four Point inspections and the Citizens Roof Condition Certification form.

To our prospective insurance agents: We take pictures of everything and always email the reports to you within 24 hours from the time of the inspection. Please contact us at for more information, including a price list and our brochures. We look forward to working with you and your clients.



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